13 W e start, as is proper, by defining the subject matter. What is immortality? How can we define it in a sci- entifically sensible manner? Is immortality even biologically possible? These and other questions will be addressed in “Bio- logical Immortality” by Michael R. Rose, Professor of evo- lutionary biology at the University of California, Irvine and author of Evolutionary Biology of Aging, a book that created a complete departure from the views that had dominated the field of aging research since the 1960’s. We will learn that far from being a scientific impossibility, there are now good rea- sons for thinking that biological immortality is fundamentally possible. If aging can, in theory, be conquered – how would, how should we go about it? Aubrey de Grey, an authority in the field of anti-aging theory from Cambridge University, out- lines  a  general  strategy  for  proceeding  with  “The  War  on Aging.” In his essay, Aubrey de Grey touches on numerous issues, both scientific and societal, that will be taken up later in the book. After  these  introductions,  we  move  to  consider  individual aspects of this strategy. Firstly, on the biomedical side, microbi- ologist João Pedro de Magalhães provides a summary overview of how “The Dream of Elixir Vitae” might be realized. One  of  the  most  topical  and  promising  approaches  to extending  healthy  life  span  is  stem  cell  tissue  engineering.