155 Essays on Infinite Lifespans   “Some  Problems  with  Immortalism.”  Immortality  is  an inconceivably long time, after all. Should those wishing to conquer death not just focus on extending the human life span?   “On   the   contrary,”   replies   Marc    Geddes.   In   his “Introduction  to  Immortalist  Morality”  he  develops  an argument from moral philosophy, grounding moral theory on the human perception of death and the desire for immortal- ity. Geddes also debunks the commonly held notion that our mortality is what makes life worth living. This leads us to the last essay in this section, which returns to the first question raised by Chaplain Mellon: All this talk of scientific immortality notwithstanding, why “Should We Fear  Death?”  Australian  writer  Russell  Blackford  exam- ines Epicurean and modern arguments concerning this issue. His statement “We should not console ourselves with false reassurances  about  the  supposed  virtues  of  being  mortal” brings a conclusion to this second section.