194 Emancipation from Death Perhaps so, but current trends in computing technology sug- gest this could start to become a reality within as little as 20 or 30 years from now. [7] THE UNIMAGINABLE FUTURE Here’s another fascinating question. If living in one body is good, why not have two? If two is good, why not have three or four or five? Why not five hundred or five million? World Future Society President Edward Cornish has said, In  our  most  imaginative  fantasies,  we  cannot  antici- pate all the extraordinary possibilities of the future for us humans and whatever creatures come after us. The wildest speculations of today may be the facts of tomor- row, and our human potential is not only greater than we think but greater than we can think. [8] Imagine  for  a  moment  inhabiting  multiple  bodies;  not merely having a variety of bodies to choose from, like suits of clothes in a closet, but being in many different bodies at the same time. One of the bodies might be the one you were born with;  others  might  be  duplicates  or  clones;  some  could  be substantially different, perhaps designed to fit a specific envi- ronment; a majority of them will probably be robot bodies or virtual bodies. What  will  be  your  experience  of  personal  identity  when your consciousness is spread over many different substrates? Will you still be you? Will you choose to maintain, as much as possible, simultaneous awareness in all the bodies at once? Or will it be preferable to allow your bodies to function autono- mously with an occasional, perhaps daily, synchronization of your experiences and realignment of your identity?