219 Essays on Infinite Lifespans   Manfred Clynes are software, and can be up- or downloaded. Brain processes and experiences are both analog and digital, continuous, and discrete. Today, you can make a computer laugh but it will not enjoy it; even if it says it does. It is time to stop deceiving ourselves. Turing deserves better than that. My computer plays beautiful Beethoven. I am happy that it does. But it is not. Nor will it be until it understands Beethoven. Without timeconsciousness that is impossible. Without logo- genesis that is impossible. But give it time, maybe some day it will join us in all this. Then it will become one of us and we will become one of them. The Good Lord probably (or improbably) knows when and how this will happen. But I would caution us to try to find the probability. A little faith is probably programmed into our logogenesis system. Related References Abeles, M;  “Time is precious,  Perspectives”, in Science, 304, pg. 523–524,  2004 Barnes, J et al; “Reqirement of Mammalian Timeless for Circadian Rhythmicity” in Science 302, pg. 439–445  2003 Clynes, M; “The Future Compassionate Computer”: pre- sented at MIT Medialab Celebration Oct 1999, 2000,   www.superconductor.com Clynes, M; “Entities and brain organization: Logogenesis of meaningful time-forms”, in Proc. of the Second Appalachian Conf. on Behavioral Neurodynamics. Origins: brain and self organization.ed. K.H. Pribram, Erlbaum Press, N.J. pg. 604–632, 1994