224 Confessions of a Proselytizing Immortalist I start by telling about how, throughout high school, I fol- lowed the biosphere dome and Dr. Walford, [2] because of my love of science fiction. While growing up, I always had the dream of traveling to the stars. I guess I was hoping that in my 20’s there would be self-contained spaceships heading to colonize Mars, and that I could sign up. When the biosphere was in the media usually there was also mention of the calorie restriction (CR) diet so it was always in the back of my mind as a slimming and anti-aging diet. In my early twenties I choose to start a family, and learned from La Leche League [3] about the healthiest way to do that. When it came time to wean them from the breast milk that gave them the thickest neuron connections, quickest reflexes and strongest immune systems that with our current technol- ogy they could have, I had to look at what real food was best to put into their growing bodies. I lived in Eugene, Oregon where there was so much support – with actual organic-only restaurants, free health newsletters, and a high population of health conscious people – that I was introduced to a new way of looking at food. I realized that we replace many cells every 6 months and most of our body every seven years, so that we truly become what we eat many times during our lifetime. I also started learning about fungicides, germicides, pesti- cides, rodenticides, herbicides, antimicrobials and how they collect in body tissues. I read studies such as the recent one funded  by  the  National  Institute  for  Environmental  and Health Sciences [4], that looked at pre-school age children in Seattle and found that organically fed children vs. non organi- cally fed children had six times less organophosphorus (due to pesticide exposure) in their urine. Though  I  had  started  eating  more  natural  and  organic foods, I was still 205 pounds three months after the birth of my last child, and I started thinking I needed a real diet! I began reading about all the diets out there and remembered