226 Confessions of a Proselytizing Immortalist Institute on Aging has been conducting a long-term study, since  1987,  of  CR  on  rhesus  monkeys.  In  1999,  the  NIA researchers stated: Emerging data from studies of CR in rhesus monkeys show promise that the model is working in a manner similar to that seen in rodents thereby strengthening the possibility that the well-known effects of CR on life span, disease, and aging processes may be generalized to all species. [10] Regarding  the  NIA  study,  Modern  Maturity  states  “The incidence of diabetes (...) is greatly reduced in monkeys on a restricted diet. The monkeys also show fewer signs of spinal arthritis, a common condition they share with humans.” [9] These monkeys show other signs of reduced aging, such as a  prevention  of  age-associated  decline  in  melatonin  levels. [10;11] When I was at the CR conference I was able to see a presentation by the researchers working with the rhesus mon- keys and hear about how they were doing, even how they were enjoying their new living environment! Seeing the drastic dif- ference between the ad-lib monkeys and the calorie restricted ones made it all the more real for me. On the ‘easiness’ of CR, I explain that it is important for me to see as much of life as I can. Therefore, I have transferred my comfort foods into more healthy ones, like air popped popcorn, raw veggies, or green tea. This helps me reach the long-term goal I always have in my mind: to keep my brain sharp as long as possible. CR is a way to help me reach my other goals. I want to stay alive to a time when we change the ratio of expenditure from 400 billion US dollars to the military [12] with only approximately three million to aging research [13] to something more appropriate to combat and eradicate the greatest killer of all time – aging. There are lots of figures out there, and in all of them America’s military spending dwarfs