228 Confessions of a Proselytizing Immortalist people. Our scientific and technological advancements in the past 100 years are already giving us vastly extended life spans [15–17]. This brings me to my counter point to the ‘selfish’ accusa- tion. The basis of my argument is that extending life through medical interventions helps us to do more of what God, fate, or evolution has planned for us to do. This is why we are given, or have developed, the intelligence to stay alive longer. When we stay healthy longer through CR, or anything that we develop in the future, we can work longer and can give more to the spiritual, scientific, or non-profit organizations we affiliate with. I for one would love to be able to donate more to the Methuselah Mouse Prize for anti-aging research [18]. If the award for that was more near the largest ever US lottery jackpot of 363 million, rather than the fifty thousand dollars currently donated, we would shortly end aging. With more prize money there would be a lot more contenders for the prize that will be awarded to whoever can significantly reverse aging in a mouse, or postpone it. With a longer life, many opportunities would open up, for new  careers,  new  travel,  and  exploring  the  ever-expanding questions of the universe. These conversations with people can be very inspirational. It is surprising how creative people can be when you open them up to talking about the future. At  times  I  am  dismayed  that  with  our  current  technol- ogy my life will be so short. Yet my heart revels with what epiphanies  I  inspire  in  my  children  about  how  things  in this world interact. I get a rush when I explain to them in simple  terms  (and  they  actually  get  it)  –  about  why  it  is important  for  our  country  to  balance  the  budget,  how  to support universal health care, how people live in oppression even today, or just explain any little piece of the puzzle to them. With the help of the Unitarian Universalist Church’s education  programs,  I  teach  them  about  the  world’s  reli-