230 Confessions of a Proselytizing Immortalist to help change how some of this wealth is spent. Some day we could even be supporting our own Immortalist candidates for office, supporting foreign aid, increasing science and technol- ogy fields, and ending aging! I know most of the people I’ve met who are already immortalists have not gotten into the movement until they were a young person in an old person’s body wondering what happened. This is why I talk to so many people to try to spread awareness in the younger generation. It is why my children are being raised with the naturalness of transhumanism (being open to what we may become). If you ask my brilliant seven-year-old what she thinks about immortality she will boldly start talking about what things she could do with a robot body. My highly imaginative four-year- old son will say how he wants to be a scientist that discovers how to end aging since he never wants to die! My angelic two year old hugs and kisses everyone, and reminds me of the basic instinct to feel pleasure by helping others, as she shares her food and toys, along with her vibrant spirit of life. This book is exhilarating in its scope, and in its predictions. The best way to predict the future is to help create it. I hope that things you read in this book will touch that spark of opti- mism each of us has at the emerging of our own consciousness, as we rush through our childhood eager to understand our place in this universe.