237 Essays on Infinite Lifespans   Ben Best elimination of aging and disease and ensuring that cryonics can work. If these problems can be solved, we will have hun- dreds or thousands of years to think about other threats to our existence. If they cannot, other problems are irrelevant. If I am alive in a youthful condition 200 years from now, then the most awesome problems of mortality will have been solved – and the chances of finding ways to ensure survival for another 800 years will be trivial in comparison. There is little to be gained by worrying about circumstances beyond 1,000 years. We cannot now comprehend the con- ditions  of  life  and  survival  a  thousand  years  in  the  future anyway, so it is a waste of effort to try. The most immediate survival goals are to either live long enough to benefit from tangible reversals of aging through technology or to see revers- ible suspended animation of the brain. That could happen in anything from 10 to 50 years. For those who survive the next 50 years, during which the elimination of aging is bound to occur (in my opinion), the next  challenge  will  be  to  survive  death-by-accident  and  to learn to live safely. Close behind that danger will be death- by-murder, because the progress of science will always include the power for people to annihilate other people by increas- ingly  sophisticated  means.  Following  that  problem  will  be self-annihilation through transformation. As people augment themselves  with  smart  drugs,  biological  add-ons,  compu- tational and communications hardware, migration to other platforms, etc, they may easily lose their ‘self’ in the process. Although it is true that the longer we live, the more adept we become at surviving, it is also true that we only need to be a victim of murder or a fatal accident once to be obliterated forever.  However  small  we  can  make  the  probability,  with enough time a fatal event is inevitable. Is there anything to be gained by attempting now to take on the problems of survival beyond a millennium? Don’t we have