26 Biological Immortality movies will never successfully control aging and immortality, we do not need to find such potions. Modern automobiles have  thousands  of  parts,  precisely  tooled  to  perform  their function. The attainment of an early, benign immortality will be no less complex in terms of medical intervention. But there are now good reasons for thinking that it is fundamentally possible. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am grateful to L.D. Mueller, J.P. Phelan, and C.L. Rauser for their comments on an earlier draft. References 1) Rose, MR; 1991: Evolutionary Biology of Aging; Oxford University Press; pg.17– 2) Martinez, DE; “Mortality patterns suggest a lack of senes- cence in Hydra” in: Experimental Gerontology (1998, Vol.   33); pg. 217– 3) Bell, G; “Evolutionary and nonevolutionary theories of senescence” in: American Naturalist (1984, Vol.  124); pg.600– 4) Greenwood, M & Irwin, JO; “Biostatistics of Senility” in: Human Biology (1939, Vol.  11); pg.1– 5) Gavrilov, LA, & Gavrilova, NS; The Biology of Lifespan: A Quantitative Approach (1991); Harwood