275 “WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER?” AN INTERACTIVE CHALLENGE TO THE READER   For those rooting for a breakthrough in life extension research, to question why it would be desirable to lead a longer and healthier  life  might  seem  banal.  But  a  number  of  people cannot seem to conceive of any reason why anybody would want to live beyond the currently fashionable limit of about four score. Some possible answers include: ·   Watch  your  grandchildren  and  great-grandchildren grow up ·   Find out what the future will be like ·   Because art and creativity are inexhaustible ·   Have more time to help others ·   Why not? ·   If you live, you can always change your mind about it later; death is irreversible. ·   Watch Tibet beat Brazil in the football world cup final ·   More time to figure out the meaning of life, if there is one ·   Because it would suck to be in the very last generation to die of old age ·   There are people who love you and who need you