289 Essays on Infinite Lifespans   Authors sor Minsky was also one of the pioneers of intelligence-based mechanical robotics and telepresence. When a Junior Fellow at Harvard, he invented and built the first Confocal Scanning Microscope. In 1959, Minsky and John McCarthy founded what became the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and his long tenure as its co-director placed his imprint upon the entire field of Artificial Intelligence. Brad Mellon, Ph.D. Director of Chaplain Services, Frederick Mennonite Commu- nity, Frederick, PA, and Adjunct Professor, Bethel Seminary of the East, Dresher, PA (Greater Philadelphia area). Born  in  a  suburb  of  New  York  City  in  1949,  attended Houghton College, graduated with a degree in Sociology in 1967 and earned a Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Theological  Seminary  in  1980.  Between  1985  and  1996, Dr. Mellon received the Master of Sacred Theology degree, became involved in postgraduate work at Dropsie University, and satisfied the requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Hermeneutics at Westminster Seminary. Max More, Ph.D. http://www.maxmore.com/ Dr. Max More is an internationally acclaimed strategic futurist who writes, speaks, and organizes events about the fundamen- tal challenges of emerging technologies. Dr. More co-founded and is Chairman of Extropy Institute. As a leading transhu- manist thinker, Max strongly challenges traditional, limiting beliefs about the possibilities of our future. Director of Con- tent Solutions at ManyWorlds, Inc., his academic background