294 Publishers Notes THANKS Our thanks go to all those who made this book possible. Many thanks first and foremost to the online community of the Immortality Institute for encouragement, critique and many valuable suggestions. Special thanks to Michael Anissimov, Justin Corwin, Kevin Perrott, Kenneth X. Sills, Don Spanton and Alexandra Stolzing for their invaluable help and advice in  the  editorial  process.  Thanks  to  Gustavo  Faigenbaum, Vanesa L. Rivera and all the patient and professional staff at Libros en Red.  Warm thanks to the authors who have agreed to forego all potential revenue from this publication for the benefit of the Institute. And finally, thanks to those scientist and visionaries who are working on the scientific conquest of death this very moment. Without  them  this  book  and  the  ideas  discussed  herein would never have been conceivable.