9 Essays on Infinite Lifespans   OVERVIEW This  book  is  divided  into  two  sections:  science,  (includ- ing biology, biomedicine, nanotechnology, digitalization and cryonics) and perspectives (including literature, history, phi- losophy, sociology and ethics). This is not a strict division, as scientific possibilities are the starting point for all philosophy, and, in turn, the scientists in this book are not blind to the philosophical implications of their work. All essays are followed by their relevant citations. All web hyperlinks are valid as of April 2004. Please do not hesitate to call the Institute if a link is out of date, as we might be able to help chase it down. Please also note that the Institute provides additional graphics, charts, and other relevant mate- rial online and free of charge to all purchasers of this book at http://imminst.org/book1. This  book  concludes  with  remarks,  an  extensive  bibliog- raphy for further reading, information on the contributing authors, and a few words of thanks. But – as we shall soon learn – there is no time to waste: Follow us into an exploration of the scientific conquest of death. The road to immortality is just the turn of a page away.