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ImmInst would not be the most active and informative life extension forum on the Internet without the support of our members and donors.
In addition to maintaining the forums, projects such as the documentary film “Exploring Life Extension”, the ground-breaking book “The Scientific Conquest of Death”, and targeted support for relevant scientific research and research scholarships for students would not be possible without the generous help from our friends and fellows across the globe.
There are many worthy like-minded organizations around the world but few are able to do so much with so little as the Immortality Institute.

There are two main ways to support ImmInst on our mission

1) You can join the Institute as a member

2) Or you can make one-time a financial donation here:

  via paypal

  via google

  via facebook

  via cheque*

  Immortality Institute
  c/o Justin Loew
  1022 Stark Street
  Wausau, WI 54403

If you would like your donation to go to a specific cause, we are obliged by our constitution to honour your wish. Please affix a note to your donation if you want to restrict how it can be used.

*We are grateful for any donations. However, if you have a larger donation in mind ($300 +), please consider sending it by cheque, as the payment software takes a cut for processing credit card payments. Cheques can be made payable to to "Immortality Institute".

Thank you! 

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